For the Dutch telecoms authority (OPTA, now ACM) Lexonomics has carried out an analysis of the possible effects of countervailing buyer power on the tariffs set by network operators for fixed terminating access services. Lexonomics has prepared an economic report for OPTA on the pricing pressure experienced by cable operators in the supply of retail television services. Finally, Lexonomics has assisted OPTA in various market analysis decisions between 2006 and 2011.


Lexonomics has provided economic advice to KPN regarding the competitive position of KPN’s broadcasting activities.




In Juy 2010 the Dutch Healthcare authority (NZa) published its view on competition aspects of healthcare groups, organisations in which individual healthcare providers cooperate to provide care for chronic diseases. In August 2010 the Dutch Competition authority NMa and the NZa jointly published their Guidelines Healthcare Groups. Lexonomics provided economic advice to the NZa in relation to both publications.