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Lexonomics is an economic consultancy, specialised in competition, regulation and intellectual property economics. Lexonomics provides economic advice to private parties involved in procedures before competition authorities and regulators and in private litigation actions. 


Lexonomics has extensive experience in all of the main areas of competition and regulation policies, including mergers and take-overs, abuse of dominance, state aid, cartels, economic assessment of damages due to cartels and other competition law infringements, competitive assessments of horizontal and vertical agreements and price and access regulation. Lexonomics advises on the use of intellectual property rights and calculates economic damages due to infringement.


Lexonomics gives practical and professional advice that is based on advanced economic and quantitative analysis and that, where needed, uses insights from recent economic literature.


Lexonomics has over 10 years of experience advising companies, competition authorities and regulators in the area of competition and regulation. Since its start in 2005, Lexonomics has provided economic advise to various companies, ranging from SMEs to multinationals, in procedures before the EU Commission and national competition authorities. In addition, Lexonomics has assisted parties and their legal advisors in a large number of private cases, including cartel damages cases. Based on hands-on experience with patent and other intellctual property matters, Lexonomics is also able to provide expert economic advice on patent infringement damages and patenting strategies.

Latest news

Lexonomics becomes part of E.CA Economics

As of 2 November 2016 Lexonomics becomes part of E.CA Economics (www.e-ca.com). Theon van Dijk will join E.CA Economics as a director in E.CA’s Brussels office. E.CA Economics is one of the leading European economics consultancies, with over 25 specialised economists in its offices in Berlin and Brussels.

Global Competition Review 4th Live IP & Antitrust Conference in Brussels

On 2 June the 4th Annual GCR Live IP & Antitrust Conference took place in Brussels. The conference presented the latest developments in Europe in the area of innovation, intellectual property and competition. Lexonomics discussed the role of innovation and intellectual property in the competitive assessment of mergers. A more detailed description of the programme can be found here.