Lexonomics has extensive experience in providing economic advice in cartel damages cases. Lexonomics calculates cartel damages.


Tennet/ABB damages. On 4 February 2013 the Arnhem District Court published its judgement in the Tennet/ABB case. In this case Tennet claimed compensation for damages from ABB because Tennet paid too high prices to ABB for Gas-Insulated Switchgear (GIS). ABB was one of the members of the GIS cartel that was detected and fined by the European Commission. Lexonomics assisted Tennet and its legal advisors by carrying out an economic calculation of the damages.


Quantification of damages. On 26 January 2010 DG Competition of the European Commission organised an expert workshop on the quantification of damages as a result of competition law infringements. The various contributions, including a contribution by Theon van Dijk, together with Frank Verboven, can be found on DG Competition’s website.


Cartel damages overview for ABA volume. On 6 August 2008 the American Bar Association published the three-volume book “Issues in Competition Law and Policy”. Together with Frank Verboven, Theon van Dijk wrote a chapter on the quantification of economic damages in the third volume of this book.


Vox article on private enforcement. Together with Frank Verboven, Theon van Dijk has written a commentary on the private enforcement of EC competition rules for Vox, a “policy portal featuring research-based analysis and commentary from Europe’s leading economists”.