01 Jan 2012

Exclusive supply obligations. On 28 September 2012 the District Court in The Hague published its decision in the case of The Greenery and one of its member-growers. The court judgement was that the exclusive supply obligation between The Greenery and the grower does not infringe competition law provisions. Lexonomics provided economic advice to The Greenery during the court procedures.

Expert to the Court. On 12 June 2012 the District Court in Amsterdam published its decision on the Veerman/NVM case. Theon van Dijk, together with Matthijs Visser, was appointed as expert of the Court to answer questions relating to relevant market definition. The Court entirely accepted the analysis of the experts.

KPN/CIF. On 10 April 2012 KPN and CIF, owner of cable company CAIW, have withdrawn their notification with the NMa for KPN’s takeover of CAIW.  During the process of assessing the competitive impact of this concentration, Lexonomics has advised one of the complainants.