01 Jan 2008

International broadband penetration. On 28 November 2008 Theon van Dijk gave a presentation on regulation and international broadband penetration at the first annual conference on “Competition and Regulation in Network Industries”, which was held at the Center for European Policy Studies (CEPS) in Brussels.

Cartel damages overview for ABA volume. On 6 August 2008 the American Bar Association published the three-volume book “Issues in Competition Law and Policy”. Together with Frank Verboven, Theon van Dijk wrote a chapter on the quantification of economic damages in the third volume of this book.

Efficiency defence in merger control. On 28 February 2008 Theon van Dijk gave a presentation in Utrecht at a workshop on efficiency gains from mergers, organised by the Dutch Healthcare authority.

Geographic market definition for hospitals. Together with Freshfields Amsterdam, Lexonomics carried out a study for the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa) on the definition of geographic markets for hospitals in the Netherlands.